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Een toonaangevende fabrikant op het gebied van printer, professionele beeldvorming, projector, scanner, systeemapparaten en fabrieksautomatisering. Epson biedt professionele printoplossingen door een grote keuze aan etiketten, tickets en draagbare printers aangepast voor de industrie en het bedrijfsleven.

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Epson is a giant in the technology sector and a specialist in printers for all sectors: education, health, photography, industry, etc. In Logiscenter's catalog we have label printers, ticket and receipt printers, color printers, portable and desktop printers, among others.

Epson is a Japanese company founded in 1975. Epson's origins date back to 1942, with a watch company that expanded its technology and development to other fields, generating rapid progress. The breakthrough came with the launch of the EP-101 (electronic printer), a popular and innovative product that opened new markets. To create other versions of the EP and with the aim of achieving more success, Epson was founded. Today, Epson has approximately 100 offices and more than 80,000 employees around the world.

At Logiscenter we have been assisting customers with high quality products in the industry for over ten years and with our special partnership with Epson, we can offer their wide range of printers at the best prices, stock availability and immediate delivery. We also have accessories, consumables and maintenance and repair contract services.

Logiscenter is a reference partner of Epson. This proximity to the brand allows us to offer you the best prices, stock, delivery, and technical service.

Contact us, we will advise you of the best option for your needs. You have more information on the official Epson website.

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