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Iiyama is one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer monitors . Efficiency, performance, reliability and user comfort are key to the development of their products.

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iiyama is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer monitors. In Logiscenter we have the best products from its extensive catalog, which includes screens, computer monitors, touch terminals and accessories, among many others.

It is a Japanese technology company founded in 1973 and today is present in Asia, Europe and America. It began manufacturing televisions with black-and-white and later color screens, but gradually developed its scope of work until it reached its current occupation. One of the company’s biggest breakthroughs came in 1997, when it launched liquid-crystal display (LCD) technology. Efficiency, performance, reliability, and user convenience are the keys to iiyama’s product development.

At Logiscenter, we have been advising customers with high quality products in the industry for more than a decade, so the alliance with iiyama was indispensable. We have the best prices, stock availability and immediate delivery of the best products of iiyama. In addition, we have maintenance and repair contract services for your articles.

Contact us, we will advise you the best option for your needs. You have more information in iiyama's official website.

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