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Receipt and tickets printers

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Kassabon- en labelprinters zijn speciaal ontworpen voor de integratie in POS kassa terminals,, het aanbieden van kleurprinten, het personaliseren van kassabonnen en het printen van logo's.
Vergeet niet uw kassarol, label en printkop te bestellen indien u ze nodig heeft.

Receipt and ticket printers are a type of thermal printers that use non-adhesive paper and are mainly used in the retail sector. They are simple and versatile machines, since they can be used in isolation, integrated (such as kiosk printers) or opt for their portable version.

Some of the prominent manufacturers of receipt and ticket printers include Zebra, Honeywell, Epson, Citizen, Star Micronics y Bixolon.


This type of printer, as its name suggests, is used to obtain tickets and receipts on paper. In other words, they are specially designed to be used at points of sale. Therefore, they can be used in restaurants, kitchens, or shops, as well as in service machines where a ticket must be delivered for a transaction or any other operation.

Portable models allow you to deliver receipts on the spot, something very useful for carriers or field technicians, among others.


Ticket and receipt printers offer possibilities such as fast and agile printing. Among its features, the personalization of receipts stands out, which even allows the incorporation of your company's logo.

They offer a resolution of excellent quality, which allows the receipts obtained to be read perfectly.


Every receipt and ticket printer can have several accessories to improve or facilitate its operation. The main consumable is the thermal heads; each ticket and receipt printer require a specific head. You can check it in the file of your model. You will also need thermal paper rolls to be able to print your receipts.

Other items you can add to your printer are adapter or connection cables, power supplies (batteries), ribbons (necessary for some models), etc.

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